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Our Staff



Mrs. Charlie Daniels

Administrative Secretary

Sister Daniels, has held the position of Administrative Secretary for over 26 years here at the Spencer Church of Christ. 

During the tenure of Dr. Clyde Muse, Sister Daniels worked directly with him  for 13 years. After Dr. Muse's transition' Sis Daniels has continued her diligence and steadfastness as she has worked with 2 other ministers prior to our current Pulpit Minister, Bro. Jerrard A. Davis.

Charlie has been married to her husband, James for 48 years. They have 3 children, a son and two daughters, and 8 grandchildren. With Christ being first in her life,  Charlie has develop[ed into a very gentle, compassionate, kind, and dedicated sister in Christ.  She enjoys traveling adventures, sporting events, and spending time with her family, and also with members of her Church family.

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