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                                                                                  Jerrard A. Davis                                                                                                    Minister












 Unbeknown to Bro. Davis, God was preparing him for preaching. In August 2003, he enrolled in Harding School of               Religion - formerly Harding Graduate School of Religion - in Memphis, TN. He intended to use the Master of Divinity for   philosophy, but God shifted his focus. Bro. met Dr. Harold R. Redd, minister of the Midtown and Raleigh Springs                 Churches of Christ. Through their relationship, God used Dr. Redd and the M.A.Scholarship program to train Bro. Davis     for ministry. The Scholarship financially assists and spiritually encourages African American men in their graduate               studies. Through the Scholarship Bro. Davis matured as a preacher, teacher and youth ministry leader. He also married       Sis. Stephannie Brown in October 2005. In May 2010, Bro. Davis graduated and received his Master's of Divinity. 

 After graduation, Bro. Davis labored with the Raleigh Springs Church of Christ. This experience nurtured Bro. Davis's         passion for ministering, preaching and teaching. On Sunday, July 2, 2017, Bro. Davis preached his first sermon as the           minister of the Spencer Church of Christ. He and Sis. Davis anticipate great opportunities for Spencer to serve the Lord.

Jerrard A. Davis is a native of Columbus, Ohio.                                    As the oldest sibling, he learned responsibility and determination at an early age. These qualities would become great assets for his ministry. At the age of 13, Bro. Davis was baptized at the Cleveland Ave Church of Christ - now the Genessee Avenue Church of Christ under the leadership of  Bro. Clyde Sales, Sr. 

He left Columbus in August 1999 to pursue an undergraduate degree at Fisk University - an HBCU located in Nashville, TN. While ay Fisk, he attended the Jackson St. Church of Christ. He ran cross country, track and field and was named co-captain his junior and senior years. These activities fueled his determination to complete his degree in four years. In May 2003, he received his Bachelor's in Religion and Philosophical Studies.

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